• The Eberly College of Science’s Office for Innovation helps faculty and students protect their Intellectual Property (IP) and bring their ideas from the laboratory to the marketplace.
  • Please see their website for contact information and other details: http://innovation.science.psu.edu/


  • Guidance and Assistance with Protecting IP: Our office can assist faculty and students in determining whether/how to protect their IP and navigate the various paperwork processes needed to do so
  • Connections to Industry Partners: Our office can advise faculty and students on the right industry partners to collaborate with on their ideas and facilitate meetings when appropriate
  • Connections to Resources: Our office can connect faculty and students with resources they need to foster their innovations, such as the Lab Bench to Commercialization Grant for researchers.


  • Contact us anytime at innovation@science.psu.edu!
  • Lab Bench to Commercialization Grant: In partnership with the Penn State Research Foundation, the Eberly College of Science seeks to enable continuing technology development under the LB2C Grant Program. Applications must include at least one ECoS Faculty member. Successful applicants receive $75,000 over one year as well as assistance in developing strategies to commercialize their invention. LB2C Solicitation opens annually in May with funds awarded in July.
  • Alumni Technology Advisory Board: As part of the Tech Advisory Board, Alumni progress technology transfer helping the Office for Innovation and Faculty Inventors create strategies to de-risk technologies, complete crucial proof-of-concept studies, and connect with possible collaborators/licensees. The Office for Innovation is currently seeking to expand the Board to include Alumni with experience in technology licensing and startups, particularly in the areas of physical science, materials science, computational science, and analytics. Alumni who are interested in participating should contact Associate Dean Andrew Stephenson at as4@psu.edu .
  • Graduate Student IP/Tech Transfer Internship: The IP/Tech Transfer Internship presents grad students with the opportunity to work with ECoS’ inventors and Alumni Technology Advisory Board to further technology development. Solicitation for the Internship opens annually in May. Graduate students must either be in an ECoS program or work for a PI who appointed in ECoS. Successful applicants will be compensated similar to a TA and are expected to dedicate up to 20 hours/week to the internship.
  • Undergraduate Internships: The Office for Innovation seeks self-motivated and creative undergraduates to help drive and develop office initiatives including marketing ECoS Research and Inventions, facilitating technology development, and even fostering faculty run start-up company success. Interested students should contact innovation@science.psu.edu to apply.


  • Coming soon!
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