• One of 20 active chapters of the Graduate Women in Science organization globally, this society of women is focused on helping members integrate their careers, personal goals, and society’s needs through events, networking, and mutual inspiration.
  • Please see their website for contact information and other details: http://psugwis.weebly.com/



  • Girl Scout Workshop: A half-day interactive workshop that connects local Girl Scout troops to fun science activities and inspiring science role models
  • Voices Conference: An annual networking and professional development conference hosted annually by Penn State’s GWIS chapter for students, post-docs, faculty, and professionals in STEM
  • Community Outreach: The GWIS Community Outreach team regularly puts on scientific demos to inspire K-12 students at events organized by the community and the Penn State Science Outreach office
  • Science ++: A series of seminars by Penn State faculty, students, and staff that focus on topics of professional and personal importance to women in science



  • Key Opportunities: Lead activities at Girl Scout Workshops, run for office (students only), provide funding for Voices Conference or Science++ Seminars, help plan a new outreach demonstration, provide funding for outreach activities, financial support targeted to our chapter (501C) or to one of our specific programs.
  • Contact: Beginning of Spring, Summer and Fall semesters is the best time to contact us about collaboration. Visit us at our website to obtain current contact information for our President. Contact us at least 1 month before grant deadlines.



  • Several successful NSF Graduate Research Fellowship recipients from Penn State held leadership positions in GWIS and talked about past involvements and future plans to serve Penn State women and the broader community through GWIS in their applications
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