• NCS is a student affiliate chapter of the American Chemical Society. The group’s main goal is to spread the love of science and chemistry to their members and the community.
  • Please see their website for contact information and other details: http://sites.psu.edu/nittanychemicalsociety/


  • Professional Development Luncheons: NCS hosts luncheons where members meet a variety of Penn State professors and grad students to learn about their research and how to get involved
  • Community Outreach and Demo Shows: NCS members regularly put on fun chemistry demos that inspire K-12 students at events organized by the community and the Penn State Science Outreach office (e.g., Haunted-U – A Halloween Science Event)
  • So You Think You Can Demo: A competition event where students pair with a faculty mentor and perform/teach a chemistry demo before a panel of judges


  • NCS is always looking for more opportunities to get involved with the Penn State and local community, so new ideas are welcome! They are also looking for more faculty members or grad students who might be interested in talking to their membership or participating in one of their luncheons.
  • To get in touch, please email the NCS President or Demo Chair (list of officers here), preferably 1 month in advance of any involvement. Please provide information about number of people needed for the event, training/experience needed, intended audience, event time/location, and any resources NCS might need to bring.


  • Successful NSF Graduate Student Fellowship recipients often discuss their leadership experience with professional society-affiliated groups like NCS in their applications!
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